How to use Approval Workflows in D365 Business Central

By Noelle Super | March 22, 2022

Did you know Approval Workflows in D365 Business Central can be used to automatically notify an approver when certain actions are being taken? You might have heard of this powerful tool before and would like to take advantage of its features but are unsure where to start.

Stoneridge Software can help you.

Approval Workflows in D365 Business Central: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the instructions below to learn how to set up and modify a purchase workflow in a matter of minutes using the Assisted Setup wizard.

To begin, use the search feature to open the Assisted Setup Page:

Approval Workflows in Business Central Assisted Setup

Scroll down to the Setup Approval Workflows header, where you will see a few available wizards to help you set up different workflow types. In our example, we will select Set up Approval Workflows.

Approval Workflows in Business Central set up approval workflows

The Approval Workflow Setup wizard will open. Then you can select Next to begin the setup.

Approval Workflows in Business Central Approval Workflow Setup Next

Select the type of Approval Workflow you want to set up. In our example, we will enable Purchase Invoice Approval and then select Next.

Approval Workflows in Business Central Purchase Invoice Approval

On the next screen, select the approver. The "Who is the Approver" drop-down menu will look up your User Setup page.

Approval Workflows 5

Enter the minimum amount of a purchase invoice that requires approval and select Next.

Approval Workflows 6

Select Finish to enable the selected Approval Workflows with specified settings.

Approval Workflows 7

Now that you have your basic Approval Workflow setup, you may search and navigate to the Workflows page. You may modify your workflow by selecting Manage -> Edit.

Approval Workflows 8

Next, ensure your workflow is disabled before editing.

Approval Workflows 9

You may drill down on the first event condition to modify the entrance criteria.

Approval Workflows 10

The Event Conditions screen will open, allowing you to add additional filters for entrance criteria.

Approval Workflows 11

In this example, we also want our workflow to apply to Purchase Orders, so we will add Purchase Orders from the Document Type drop-down.

Approval Workflows 12

When we are done making changes, we can re-enable our workflow.

Approval Workflows 13

Questions about Workflow Approvals in Business Central?

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