Step 4: Prepare your team for success

Step 4: Prepare your team for success

It’s not just that you have to get your team and organization READY for a new ERP implementation (you certainly have to do that), you also have to OPTIMIZE your team and organization.  Problematic implementations end with people resenting the new system, thereby having a negative effect on the initial impact of the investment (at best). A successful implementation ends with people actually liking the new solution.

We know how to make your implementation smooth and predictable. Want to learn how?

Step 4 includes:

– Article:  How to prepare your company for an ERP evaluation

– Article: Organizational change management

Preparing your team to tackle the project is a big piece of the equation. Will they work well with your implementing partner? Check out our final step for some tips on choosing your implementation partner wisely and what sets Stoneridge apart.