Summary of Solutions

ERP Software Vendor Characteristics by Tier

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Tier 3

  • Generally for small and entry level businesses
  • Annual revenues under $25 million
  • More simplified processes
  • Single locations
  • Single companies
  • Niche verticals
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Low user count (less than 10 users)

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Tier 2

  • Generally mid-market companies
  • Annual revenues from $25 –  $250 million
  • Mostly single locations,  single entities or limited inter-company transactions
  • One industry or one mode of manufacturing
  • User counts from 10-100 users

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Tier 1

  • Generally larger enterprises with multiple divisions, companies or locations
  • Multiple languages or global locations
  • Annual revenues in excess of $250 million
  • Multiple industries or manufacturing modes
  • More complex inter-company transactions
  • User counts from 50 users up

* The Tiers above are general characteristics that explain which Tier of ERP Software might be the best fit for your company’s needs.