Step 1: Explore Your ERP Options

Step 1: Explore your ERP options & build a shortlist

There is more than one road to Rome, as they say. And there are multiple ways for you to achieve the best ERP solution for your company.

In this step, we chart the best course to find your new ERP solution.

The best way forward is to explore the options you have available based on multiple variables. The starting point for this is to vet the possible vendors and arrive at your best overall solution.

The tools and resources in this step will help you begin the journey to ERP project success. You can take a closer look at whether this is the right time for your company, what you should be considering as you embark on this project, and how to assess which ERP partner is the best fit and which solution has the features your company needs. At the end of this step you will have a good idea of which solution you’re going with, or at least have a short list, so it’s a big step and not to be skipped![content_box title=”Ready to jump in? Here are your tools.”]

Step 1 includes:

– Article: How do you know if you need a new ERP system?

– Whitepaper: Why Upgrade Your ERP Solution?

– Whitepaper: 4 Keys for ERP Software Selection Success

– Infosheet: A Summary of Solutions

Once you’ve had a chance to review the information above,  you’re ready for the next step!