Extension Compatibility in Question with Dynamics 365 Business Central October 2019 Release

By Matt Sharp | November 5, 2019

D365 Business Central Fall Release 2019 Extension Compatibility

We are now riding the next wave of Business Central with the fall 2019 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In Dynamics 365 Business Central 2019 Wave 2 (A.K.A. Business Central Version 15) Microsoft has made considerable code changes that will most likely require some additional coding to make your existing extensions compatible with the October 2019 (Version 15) Release of Business Central.

How do I know if my extension is incompatible?

If you have signed up for the Upgrade Notifications you will receive an email from Microsoft notifying you that your extension is incompatible. If you receive one of these emails, reach out to Stoneridge for assistance on upgrading the extension to become compatible.

What do I need to do to avoid a gnarly wipeout of my incompatible extension?

If your extension contains critical business data or functionality you will need to update the extension to be compatible with Business Central Version 15.
If you no longer need the extension, you can simply Uninstall the extension using the Extension Management page in Business Central prior to being updated to the next minor or major version.

How long do I have to make my extension Compatible?

If you are using the extension, you can continue using the extension on the current version for 90 days. After 90 days, you will be updated to the next release without the extension. Please ensure that you have resolved the extension compatibility issue described above prior to such date.

How much work is it to update my incompatible extension?

It depends on the number of customizations and the ISV or add-on products installed. ISV extensions must be upgraded first before any custom extensions can be upgraded.

Surfs Up! Are you ready to start surfing the new wave 2 release?

Contact Stoneridge about how we can get your extensions upgraded to ride the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2019 release Wave 2 like the Big Kahuna!

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