Top Ten New Business Central Features in the October 2019 Update

By Natalie Lemke | June 18, 2019

Top 10 New Features in BC

New application enhancements, lifecycle management tools, developer tools, and more have been announced for the October 2019 release of Dynamics 365 Business Central. With two major updates each year, Business Central developers are focusing on enhancements requested by users on the Business Central Ideas site.

Coming this fall are a variety of functions that will help end users save time and become more efficient within Business Central. A full list of features can be found on the Business Central Ideas site, but below are the top 10 new additions that we’re looking forward to.

1. Cancel issued reminders and finance charge memos

Quickly correct mistakes in close-of-period work by canceling issued reminders or finance charge memos

2. Carry line descriptions to general ledger entries when posting

Ability to view the source document line description in general ledger entries

3. Write larger item cross-reference numbers

Cross-Reference number field can now hold 50 characters instead of 20

4. Home page and navigation menu customization

Any page in Business Central can be bookmarked and added to the home page navigation menu. Within the navigation menu and role center, users can now move menu items to another position or group, hide menu items, and clear personalizations.

5. Enhancements to Excel Integration

When a user selects the Edit in Excel action from a list page, most filters set on the list page are applied to the list when it is exported to Excel. This also enables publishing changes back into Business Central from a filtered list of records in Excel. Additionally, the number of fields available for reading and publishing edits from Excel is expanded. This includes being able to view and edit fields that are added to pages through extensions.

6. Filtering option fields by multiple values

Until now, users have been able to choose only a single value when they set a filter in option fields. Now users can use a multi-selection control to filter by multiple values.

7. Full keyboard shortcut support

Keyboard shortcuts in Business Central can save time and help users be more efficient. In the fall release, developers can add custom keyboard shortcuts based on user requests.

8. Multi-tasking across multiple pages

Business Central allows users to open a second page in another tab or window, allowing them to do multiple tasks at the same time while working with the same company. In the same way, users can easily work with multiple companies by having multiple windows open, and the new, colorful company badge indicator helps them figure out which window represents a given company.

9. Enhanced Report Filtering

The filter experience in reporting has been improved to include the ability to add more fields, get assistance and validation feedback when specifying filter criteria, and apply expressions and filter tokens.

10. Add notes and links to data

Users can add internal notes to business data that is captured and processed in Business Central online. Notes are shown next to the card data, and you can add, edit, and delete notes. You can also insert hyperlinks to online content to card pages, opening up even more advanced scenarios.

Additional enhancements to application lifecycle management will also be released in October. These updates will help admins, developers, and analysts manage lifecycle, testing, and updates in Business Central. Enhancements will include:

  • Ability to download a database backup file
  • Improvements in update testing and preparation
  • Multiple production environments
  • New option to report production outage in the admin center
  • Support for performance data upgrade from C/AL tables to AL tables\

These features, along with others, will be available in the major release coming October 2019. The exact date of each feature release is not yet available. Continue to follow the Stoneridge blog to stay up-to-date on new and exciting Business Central release information.

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