How to Email Invoices With AX Print Management

by | Updated August 15, 2016 | Dynamics AX, Set Up, User Tips and Tricks

Print Management in AX gives users control of print settings for selected reports. This is a great time saver as you don’t have to set each of the settings based on the customers needs. For example, some customer’s want their Sales Invoice emailed to them and some want a hard copy. With the use of Print Management, you can set these options up per customer, and anytime you invoice the customer you can select Print Management. Based on the settings for that particular customer it will either email, print a hardcopy, or whatever other method you have chosen.

Print Management gives you the ability to specify print settings at various levels of the application. For example, module-level print settings apply to all documents in a given module, while customer-level print settings only apply to specific customers and transaction-level print settings apply only to specific transactions. In addition, you have the ability to override or add to the settings from higher levels in the application. For example, module-level settings can be overridden at the customer or transaction level if not desirable.

How to email Sales Invoices

In this blog we will go over an example of how to email Sales Invoices in AX 2012 from the Sales Invoice form during invoicing (Uses your local outlook profile) as well how to use the Batch Server to send emails (Uses SMTP).


  1. In order to email a Sales Invoice when posting the Invoice and not sending to batch you will need to have Outlook installed on this machine where AX resides and have an active profile.
  2. In order to email a Sales Invoice from a Batch you will need to have SMTP installed.

Configure Print Management to email invoices:

  1. Navigate to Accounts Receivable | Setup | Forms | Forms Setup
  2. On the Form Setup page click on the Print Management button
  3. Click on the plus sign to expand Customer Invoice
  4. Select Original <Default>
  5. Click the arrow on the Destination field and select Printer Setup
  6. Click the Save in Print Archive checkbox
  7. Click E-mail and enter the email address in the To field
  8. In the Subject field enter in a subject
  9. Select file format of the attachment


Print Management Setup

Print Desitnation Settings

What we have completed above is the module-level print management for the Sales Invoice. The next set of steps is to setup print management at the Customer level which is the most common.


Configure Customer setup for E-mail

  1. Navigate to Accounts Receivable | Common | Customers | All Customers
  2. Select a Customer and click on the Edit button
  3. Click on the General Tab
  4. Click on Print Management
  5. Click on the plus sign and expand the Customer Invoice
  6. Right click on the Original <Default> and select Override
  7. Click the arrow on the Destination Field and select Printer Setup
  8. Click the “Save in Print Archive” checkbox
  9. Click E-mail and enter an email address for the customer in the To field
  10. In the Subject field enter in a subject
  11. Select a File Format of the attachment


Once you have completed the above you are at a point now where you can use Print Management when invoicing the client. During the Invoicing process you would select the box for Print Management and based on this customer print management settings it will send the an email to the customer that has a pdf attachment of the invoice. If you send the invoice to batch instead of using your local Outlook Profile it will use the SMTP settings you specified in the E-mail Parameters.

In Cumulative Update 7 for Dynamics AX 2012 R2 you now have the use of Tokens which allows you to use a token as a proxy for a record type in the system.  This allows you to send emails to all people in your organization with a particular job title.  It also allows you to use a token for a customer or vendor contact with a defined “purpose” in the system. (More to come on this in a future blog!)

The print capabilities of Dynamics AX provide a ton of flexibility to adapt to your business needs.


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  1. astina


    This was a very helpful post.
    But i have another request and hope you can help me around. I need for the salesInvoice report, to show the dialog to the user, so he can have the possibility to set choose in the print destination settings.

    I set parmShowdialog(true) in the controller (SalesInvoiceController) and now i can see the dialog, but however the report keeps running as it is setted up in the form Setup.
    in debug i have not achieved much.

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Brandon Carmichael

    Hello Astina:

    Unfortunately, your needs go beyond simple answers to questions relating to our blog posts. I’m not sure if you already have a partner you rely on for support, but if you need more assistance in the future we can help. We provide our clients with a full offering of long-term support options. Check out our page here for more details or let me know if you’d like to be contacted with more information.


  3. Jeremy

    Hi Brandon, can invoices or copies of invoices be re-sent to customers’ print destination settings a second time? I ask because occasionally someone posts all the invoices and forgets to check the “use print destination box”, so all invoices print out instead of sending to customers emails. Thanks, Jeremy

  4. Brandon Carmichael

    Hello Jeremy,

    Sorry for the delayed response, but yes you can as long as you have everything setup correctly. Assuming you do, you can open the invoice journal, for the invoice you want to resend, then click on Preview/Print > Use print management – that’s it!


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