How to Test Your Microsoft Dynamics Software Effectively

By Norma Meilicke | January 18, 2023

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Testing Microsoft Dynamics software to ensure it works properly is an art and should be front of mind for all businesses.

Not everyone is cut out to write test scripts. It also takes a Subject Matter Expert who knows your processes intimately to write good tests. Having someone who can write those comprehensive, repeatable test scripts with validation steps will set your business up for rapid and reliable code rollout.

The goal of testing your software is not what you would expect, meaning you'll actually want to get the application to FAIL, not pass.

While that may seem odd, failing allows you to track what went wrong and ensure it doesn't happen again. Failing is important both when writing and running tests if you want to mitigate the risks around software bugs and the negative impacts they can have on your business.

General Strategies to help you Test Your Software Effectively

Here are three ways you can test your Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics 365 software solutions to ensure they are running smoothly.

Test more than once

Even if your first test seems to pass with flying colors, the work does not end there.

Things are ‘normally’ done in a sequence, but there are also times when, for example, approvals are rejected or invoices come in before receipts happen or discounts are extended beyond the usual terms. The first test or the first draft of a test can lead you down a seemingly happy path.

However, you also have to consider whether the application will handle the ‘usual’ anomalies. Anomalies in processes that happen fairly frequently should be considered for inclusion in the test or inclusion in a parallel test.

Beware of a lack of error messages

Just because the system did not show you an error message does not mean it worked. Even if it seems like it passed, you'll need to push past a potentially false sense of security and validate that:

  • The screen is doing what it should - Are any displayed totals correct? Did the status change as expected? Is the next step in the process available to be done, or is the prior step in the process available to be redone?
  • Any functions that can be executed in more than one way do not produce different results
  • The General Ledger was posted to (if expected) and the postings are correct

Put a good security plan in place

An often neglected aspect of testing is security. Ensuring certain users do not have access to functionality they should not see is key in limiting the number of people who have input or can affect your tests.

Ensure you designate specific security roles only to those who are suited for those roles and limit access to people who aren't. Everyone has an important role within your organization, but having too many people involved with a test will simply complicate it.

Let Stoneridge help!

Stoneridge Software can help you run tests for your software solutions to help you work out the kinks and make sure it's optimized for your business.

Please get in touch with us to learn more.

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