Important Data Security and Backup Recommendations for Dynamics GP Users

By Tim Gable | January 22, 2021

One of the most important assets your business has is your data within Dynamics GP. Your data keeps business moving forward and allows you to access customer information, pay vendors, receive payments, track inventory, and so much more.

What would happen if you lost that data?

Unfortunately, we have seen a growing number of cases where businesses like yours have lost their data to a cybersecurity breach, viruses, or even users with unrestricted access to the system.

Protect Your Data

Five Steps to Protect Data Related to Your Servers:

  1. Implement a backup solution: Software-based, hardware-based, or both
  2. Ensure all the data you need to access or save is backed up, including mobile/USB storage.
  3. Ensure your data is safe, redundant, and easily accessible once backed up.
  4. Regularly test the recovery function of your backup/restore procedure.
  5. Test the data integrity of physical backups and ease-of-recovery for online/software-based backups.

A premium backup service would be DATTO which will allow for full disaster recovery, locally and in the cloud in addition to ransomware detection in the backup stream to the cloud.  You can spin up Virtual Machines (VM’s) locally on the DATTO device or in the DATTO cloud depending on how bad the disaster is.  When selecting a disaster recovery solution, you must ask: How much is your data worth?  How long can you go without your data?

Protect Your Data Related to Your SQL Databases By:

  1. Set user database recovery models to full
  2. Have full maintenance jobs to run full database backups and log backups
  3. Have cleanup jobs to remove old backups or the drives will fill and crash the server
  4. Put your backups on a separate drive so it does not crash the server if cleanup fails
  5. Have full SQL maintenance jobs for checking, indexing, and updating statistics on the databases so you know your data is solid
  6. Setup Database Mail so your SQL server can email you when a job fails.

The Three Main Pillars of Data Protection are:

  1. Validated Backups
  2. Patching all systems
  3. Training your users to defend your network

We want to help ensure your business never has to face the devastation a data breach can cause.

You have two options for securing and protecting your valuable data.

  1. Follow the steps above to ensure you have backups and an emergency recovery plan in place.
  2. Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central. With D365, your data is secured and protected by Microsoft, removing all the burden from your team.

Reach out to the team at Stoneridge Software for help ensuring:

  • your backups are running correctly
  • your backup storage capacity levels are sufficient
  • you have the documentation and tools needed for an emergency recovery plan
  • your users have the right security permissions

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