Management Reporter Trees, My Favorite Feature for Slicing & Dicing

By Dan Liebl | January 24, 2017

My favorite feature of Management Reporter is the Reporting Trees. It allows you to get multiple reports just by using the slicer/dicer.  I call it the slicer/dicer as it allows you to slice and dice your chart of accounts. In Management Reporter terms, the reporting tree takes your general ledger accounting structure and allows you to create nodes on a tree so you can select them at runtime or print all at once. It is like getting 12 for 1 in the case of the screenshot below!

Reporting Tree Definition

When running a profit loss statement, be sure to also run the report with a tree such as the Department tree above. Once it has calculated the report, it can prompt you to select any of the departments to view. Any main accounts which had transactions with dollars put against that department (such as a new computer for the IT department), MR will print those dollars in the IT department profit loss statement. The Reporting Tree can be set up to handle any of the segments of your account structure you want to view.

If you’re interested in learning more about the building blocks (rows, columns, trees) of reports and how they work together, contact us at for training. An overview workshop will give you an introduction to Management Reporter 2012. I cover the basics of Management Reporter, the key components of the reports and how to create and run reports. I’ll also be showing different options to create calculations and report distribution. Customized training is also available.

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