On the Job with Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing Resources

By Anne Kaese | August 20, 2020

Because the Stoneridge team is passionate about manufacturing and Dynamics 365, our expert consultants have put together an educational series called, On the Job with Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing. The concepts within this series are geared towards all manufacturers but the platform used to demonstrate in the following videos is Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. View the video recordings and the corresponding blogs below. And as always, please reach out to us if you have any questions!

On the Job with Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing video topics:

  • Manufacturing Cost Accountants
  • Manufacturing Buyers
  • Manufacturing Production Managers
  • Manufacturing Planner
  • Manufacturing Material Handler
  • Manufacturing Shipping / Receiving Department

Manufacturing Cost Accountants

Cost accountants at manufacturing companies are the lifeline of the business, keeping the financial levels healthy in order to purchase materials and continue operating at peak efficiency.

How Manufacturing Buyers Can Achieve Procurement Goals with Dynamics 365

Buyers at manufacturing companies are responsible for sourcing potential suppliers, negotiating prices and terms, and making agreements or contracts for purchases. A key component of their role is to procure the best possible price for goods that meet the quality standards and parameters of the organization. Within Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, buyers have the ability to requests quotes, access pricing information, history, and agreements, maintain quality control, and access historical data. Read more. 

On the Job with Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing Production Managers

Manufacturing production managers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks – from understanding the shop floor to managing incoming and current projects and jobs to analyzing production data and reports – production managers have a lot to juggle –  but that can all be handled within Dynamics 365. Read more.

Manufacturing Planner

Planners for manufacturing companies juggle a variety of different tasks and responsibilities from monitoring the production schedule to ensuring the necessary materials are stocked so production flows efficiently.

Projecting production needs and incoming sales can be a stressful and daunting task. During this video you'll hear how Dynamics 365 can help manufacturing planners:

  • Keep production schedule on track
  • Manage the master schedule
  • Ensure materials are stocked
  • Gain insights into the production workflow

On the Job with Dynamics 365 - Manufacturing Material Handlers

A manufacturing material handler is responsible for executing the manufacturing process including pulling orders, delivering materials and supplies, and staging the finished product. Materials management is a complex process and includes a variety of different stages and steps from beginning to completion. Read more.

Manufacturing Shipping / Receiving Department

The shipping and receiving department at a manufacturing plant is key to keeping production and sales fulfillment on time and accurate. Often times, tracking information on paper and other manual processes can lead to issues. Learn how Dynamics 365 can help streamline your shipping and receiving departments by:

  • Electronically capturing order information
  • Managing License Plating
  • Streamlining packing, shipping, and transportation
  • Optimizing picking and put aways

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