Six Ways to Capitalize on Dynamics GP and CINCH

By Dave Ruelle | June 29, 2021

Advances in software and technology have impacted all industries – and agriculture is no exception. While some businesses have retired Dynamics GP and moved to Dynamics 365 in the cloud, many aren’t ready to make that move. As you consider and plan your transition to Dynamics 365, you should also look at your current solution and how you can capitalize on the capabilities of Dynamics GP and CINCH now.

Platform Integration

Microsoft continues to invest in technology and solutions that empower end-users and make businesses run more efficiently and effectively. You’re likely taking advantage of many of those solutions today – Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, Teams, Power BI, Dynamics GP, etc. By integrating these solutions data can flow between applications, empowering your users with the information they need no matter which application they’re using.

For example, data can be exported from Dynamics GP into Excel, manipulated, and then reimported to Dynamics GP for a system update. Additionally, you’re able to create invoices and forms directly in Word using information from GP.

Customer information can flow between Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, providing consistent customer data for your sales, marketing, and back-office team.

Additionally, integrations to Teams can be achieved using a third-party integration provider.

Data Consolidation and Power BI

Having access to insights that can help you make better business decisions is a game-changer that can help drive your business forward and reach your goals. Power BI allows you to pull in data from any number of sources, including Dynamics GP, and build robust, interactive dashboards and reports. Many GP users build reports that allow them to view top accounts, visualize net and gross profit information, understand profit and loss on specific commodities, view overdue invoices, project cash flow, list top products, and much more.

With these dashboards, you can easily view the information in real-time that drives strategic business decisions.

Upgrade to the Latest Version

Dynamics GP follows Microsoft’s Lifecycle Policy and is updated every October with new features, bug fixes, and additional functionality. By staying on the most current version of GP, you’re able to utilize those updates, many times reducing manual processes through newly added workflows or features. In the October 2020 release of Dynamics GP, enhancements were added to financials, distribution, HR and payroll, and the system as a whole. The full list can be found here.

Top feature requests that were added include:

Maximum print output screen

  • This is the largest requested feature of all time. It maximizes print output when printing to screen. When printing to screen, you no longer need to expand the report to full screen. With this update, the report will automatically pop into full-screen mode.

Bulk edit SmarList Columns

  • When editing SmartLists, you can now choose multiple columns to edit simultaneously.

change column display

Expand Your Use of Management Reporter

Management Reporter is one of the most powerful tools included in Dynamics GP. MR helps users easily and quickly produce board-quality financial reports.

Watch our Management Reporter playlist on YouTube and learn how to effectively

  • Use rows
  • Use columns
  • Complete calculations
  • Build reports
  • Build row definitions
  • Make rows “un-drillable”
  • Report on statistical accounts
  • Calculate the percentage of total expenses
  • Use the web viewer

Research ISVs for Added Functionality

Just as CINCH provides additional functionality specific to ag, there are a variety of other ISV add-on products for Dynamics GP that enhance the solution and provide additional functionality that helps improve business processes. If you haven’t looked into add-on options lately, it may be worth considering where your current pain points are and researching how ISV solutions could help. Search for Dynamics GP on AppSource or reach out to Stoneridge to learn about our top ISV add-ons for GP users.

Move to a Partner With Reliable, Expert Support

Having a reliable partner you can call is invaluable when your system isn’t working correctly, you need help figuring out how the system works, or if you want to find out if there’s a better process. Your software partner should understand your business, your specific needs, and help you optimize your use of Dynamics GP. If you’re spending more time explaining your business or waiting for hours, or days for support, it’s time to look for a new partner that can meet your needs.

If you’re planning a future move to Dynamics 365, or are planning to remain on Dynamics GP for a few years, it’s a great idea to continue to maximize your current solution. No matter where your business is today, we would love to discuss how partnering with Stoneridge Software will help your ag business now, and in the future. Contact our experienced ag experts today.

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