U.S. Year-End Update for Dynamics GP Available – 2021

By Carolyn Moltzan | November 16, 2021

The 2021 U.S. Year-End update for Microsoft Dynamics GP has been released.

This update is all inclusive of prior patches. This is especially important for GP as it includes the October 2021 release 18.4. If you are on the modern lifecycle version of Dynamics GP, make sure to test your upgrade, customizations, 3rd party/ISV solutions, and business processes prior to installing the update to your live environment.

A list of changes in the update is below. Microsoft recommends customers install this update based on the required year end changes and quality report fixes below.

Changes in the Release

Microsoft Dynamics GP (version18.4.1384) (Includes October release 18.4.1361)

The below items have been changed in this update:

  • You may notice the Price List in the Go To button drop down from the Item Inquiry window opens Edit Maintenance window and should not.
  • You may receive an error when you upgrade that PRODID 4522 does not support upgrading from 18.3.33
  • Workflow Approved Purchase Orders are adding extra ENC10111 encumbrance status of 2 (Pre-Encumbered) when you are over budget
  • You may receive an Addin error launching GP with BAS on 18.4 October 2021 Release.
  • When Manufacturing is in the dynamics.set file you aren't able to delete a line/row using the Action Pane
  • After apply 2021 mid-year update a user may get a ‘Final Approval’ email for every step that was automatically approved (No approval Required)
  • Payroll 1099-R Creates the year end wage file with Taxable Amount Not Determined Marked and it should be unmarked
  • The 18.4 Payroll copy and paste feature may hang with larger imports.
  • 1095-C ACA Page 2 Instructions are blurry and you cannot read them.
  • 1095-C ACA form does not sort/page break correctly when you change the Order in Print window.
  • 1095-C ACA form Age calculates incorrect
  • 1095-C ACA form Plan Start Month field not updating corrected – Added a new field to print plan start month.
  • 1095-C ACA form should not print page 3 and 4 for dependents if Employer provided self-insured coverage is NOT marked.

Regulatory / Year-End specific changes:

  • Fixed Asset Luxury Auto Depreciation changes.
  • Payroll 1099-R
  • Payables 1099-NEC - 3-part form
  • Payables 1099-MISC
  • Payables 1099-DIV

Please note that no update is available for GP 2015 or GP 2016. We strongly recommend all companies on Dynamics GP 2015 or 2016 reach out to Stoneridge to discuss upgrade options.

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