Upgrade Mistakes That Cost Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Money

By Carolyn Moltzan | May 22, 2018

A Software solution is a big investment and you should get everything you can out of your purchase of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Many companies lose productivity or spend too much money because of common errors when it comes to a GP upgrade. Here are five upgrade mistakes that cost Microsoft Dynamics GP users money:

1. Upgrading too soon

At Stoneridge Software, we recommend upgrading 4 weeks or more after the latest version of GP is released. By waiting, you’re giving the development team at Microsoft a little time to work out any bugs that may be present in the new release. If you do have third-party applications like KEY2ACT, Greenshades, Avalara, etc. you’ll want to wait until their software is compatible with the new release. This usually isn’t too long of a wait because ISV’s generally get release information ahead of time so they can make any necessary adjustments to their software. Make sure to check with your partner prior to upgrading if you have any add-on software.

2. You wait too long to upgrade

With your full workload, it can be easy to put off or push aside a software upgrade. However, falling behind on updates can end up costing you more in the long run. Updates include new functionalities that help users get their jobs done more efficiently and eliminate software bugs that can be causing issues. Get a return on your investment quicker by taking advantage of the added value that is included in an upgrade. Aside from productivity, waiting several versions to upgrade can make the task more complex. Jumping ahead 3 or 4 versions usually requires a multi-step upgrade that takes significantly more time, and in-turn costs you more money. By upgrading as new versions are released, you’ll cut down on the time required for your partner to get you up to speed.

3. You’re not taking advantage of new features

There are usually dozens of new features and functionality included with each new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP. CustomerSource offers information and tips on new features and at Stoneridge Software, we make sure to include new feature information in our user groups, Symposium, and during monthly webinars. Take the time to find out how to use these new features and you’ll start reaping the benefits immediately.

4. Your users don’t have anywhere, anytime access

With GP 2016 R2, you have access to the innovative new web client that allows you to run GP on multiple mobile platforms. So, when your GP users are out of the office, whether they’re at home or traveling for work, they can still access GP through their PC, tablet, iPad, or mobile device. Giving your employees more flexibility in regards to where they can work will not only increase satisfaction, but productivity as well.

5. Your IT resources are maxed out

By upgrading your software, you’ll lower your IT costs by integrating GP with all your other solutions like Office, Excel, Outlook, and more. That allows your IT staff to update one central server location rather than multiple different desktops.

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is available to you at no extra charge, as long as you are current with your annual enhancement. The only cost associated with upgrading is the time your IT department or partner takes to install the new version. To get an estimate on time and cost to have Stoneridge Software upgrade your system, contact us. This will give us the information needed to understand which modules and features you currently take advantage of and how long an upgrade will take. Start taking full advantage of all the great benefits available with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Plan your upgrade and start learning how to best utilize the features you already own.

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