What’s New in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Release Wave 1 2022

By Scott Frappier | March 31, 2022

The Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Release Wave 1 outlines the new features that will become available between April 2022 and September 2022.

Dynamics 365 Finance: New Features

The Dynamics 365 Finance wave 1 release 2022 focuses on improving core financial and globalization capabilities.

Vendor Invoice OCR improvements

  • New configuration settings for OCR service
    • Indicate required data for vendor invoices
    • Can have minimum required confidence score for AI to recognize invoice
    • Can require manual review for each invoice
  • Deployment wizard for vendor invoice OCR integration
    • End-to-end invoicing solution
  • Vendor invoice OCR hub
    • Central place to process invoice data
  • Business rules in staging area
    • Validate invoices according to what’s important to your business

Mass load budget plan records with Excel

  • Reduce wait time when updating large quantities of budget plan records

Ledger Settlement enhancements

  • Unsettled transactions will only appear in beginning balances at year-end close
  • Greater ease balancing beginning balances and unsettled transactions
  • Reporting and inquiry improvements
  • Easily view all transactions in a settlement voucher with a new button, “Settlement voucher”, found under “Vendor settlement history” and “Customer settlement history”
  • Automatically mark and settle related transactions

A new button, “Post in batch”, will be added

  • Work on other tasks while you run the journal posting process in batch

Reverse reconciliation

  • Reverse reconciliation with a button

Subscription billing

  • Recurring contract billing
    • Consolidate invoices with flexible billing
    • Automate renewals
    • Greater control over parameters
  • Revenue compliance
    • Allocate revenue to items with multiple performance obligations
  • Revenue and expense deferrals
    • Revenue recognition on different document types
    • Comply with accounting standards

Globalization Studio

  • Process multiple tax documents in one API
  • Prebuilt ISV connectors

And more!

Read the full list of new features in this blog from Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: New Features

The Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management wave 1 release 2022 focuses on supporting warehouse processes, planning optimization, inventory visibility, and global inventory accounting.

Feature State Updates

  • Certain features will be automatically turned on to ensure your business is getting the most out of Supply Chain Management. Features that cannot be removed include but are not limited to:
    • Ability to batch-confirm purchase orders from vendor collaboration
    • Navigate from BOM lines to the BOM version page
    • Bill of materials report will be pre-processed to avoid timeouts
    • Loads must meet all template requirements to be created
    • Load lines can be manually adjusted by admin and trusted users

Available-to-promise for the Inventory Visibility Add-In

  • Provides insight into future stock levels to improve your order fulfillment capability
  • Check availability for specific dates or for when the product will next be in stock
  • Rolling calculations

Improved material traceability

  • Track when actual material consumption varies from planned consumption
  • Record material consumption (for example, weight), batch numbers, and serial numbers in the Warehouse Management mobile app using the Register Material Consumption flow
  • Open API for material consumption tracking

Register consumption of catch weight items

  • Register weight of consumed materials
  • Record co-products and by-products

System-generated planning optimization suggestions

  • System-generated action messages will be displayed in response to recent requirement changes
  • Directly apply changes from action messages
  • Flexibility over action message setup

New page: Planned orders simplified

  • View, approve, and firm planned orders more quickly
  • Designed for simple tasks, Planned orders simplified is similar to Planned orders, but with fewer options

And more!

Read the full list of new features in this blog from Microsoft.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding this release.

View the full wave release plan here.

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