2015 Spark Your Startup Finalists Announced, Voting Begins

By Leah Baker | August 26, 2015

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Finalists have been announced in the second annual 'Spark Your Startup' Barnesville Business Pitch Contest! Moving on the final round are: SteveCo, Inc, Protosthetics, Hammock Initiative and Jumpr, Inc. At 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 3, these business startups will make their pitch in front of a panel of judges and contest sponsors from Stoneridge Software, Dean's Bulk Service and Crown Appraisals. Each startup has five minutes to make their pitch, and judges will have four minutes to ask questions, then score each entrant. Presentations will be evaluated and cash prizes up to $1,000, along with mentoring hours will be awarded. Presentations will take place in the council chambers of Old City Hall in Barnesville, Minn. The public can help their favorite entry win a cash prize by voting online for a People's Choice Award! Voting is available through the Stoneridge Software Facebook page. Individuals are allowed to vote once per day through Wednesday, Sept. 2.

2015 'Spark Your Startup' Barnesville Business Pitch Finalists


SteveCo. Inc. has a patent pending two-wheeled car tow dolly called Collaps-a-tow. This unique dolly is completely collapsible and when taken apart, it fits into the trunk of a full sized car. It can be easily stored under a work bench in a garage until it is needed. Storage of the dolly is a benefit, enabling placement of the unit in small spaces, such as a motor home storage compartment. SteveCo. also has a motorcycle attachment for the dolly that allows one person to safely load a motorcycle on the dolly. Future development plans include a box attachment that would enable hauling a 4 wheeler or a load of soil for the garden. Find out more about SteveCo. and Collaps-a-tow.




Protosthetics focuses on developing and manufacturing prosthetic devices using innovative technologies such as 3D printing and myoelectric control. The PAL (Printed Artificial Limb) is a pediatric prosthetic device that has an elbow, wrist, and fingers that are all controlled by the electrical signals from the residual limb’s muscles. PAL is an extremely affordable, custom-designed, solution that features consistent electronics and 3-D printable parts that can be switched out, so the prosthetic can be scalable as the child grows. Find out more about Protosthetics.



The Hammock Initiative is a global chilled-out movement spreading sway through the latest hammock technologies. The Hammock Initiative has taken a simplistic concept and turned it into a functioning company that not only sells hammocks, but is a lifestyle brand for all things hammock-related. Find out more about the Hammock Initiative.


JumprJumpr is a trip sharing community and application that shortens the gap between point A and B. The Jumpr app connects riders and drivers with a common destination, such as a ride home during college break. It streamlines payments from within the application making sure the driver gets paid. Potential riders can access review history and ask questions like “do you allow smoking in your car?” Jumpr aims to build not just a utility, but a community where people feel safe sharing trips home from college and beyond. Find out more about Jumpr.

The 2015 Spark Your Startup Business Pitch competition is sponsored by Stoneridge Software, Dean's Bulk Service, Crown Appraisals, the Barnesville Economic Development Authority and the Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation. Find out more information on the contest entry guidelines and rules.

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