Use Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Sales to Build a Positive Customer Experience

By Sara Jo Larsen | August 10, 2022

Utilizing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Sales can help you evolve your customer experience and create meaningful and memorable interactions between your sales staff and customers.

You can reflect on the following questions when analyzing your customer experience:

  • Is it easy for your customers to buy your products?
  • Are your marketing efforts practical?
  • Can your customers easily reach out to you for help through multiple channels?
  • When customers need information on their relationship with you, do they have portals that connect them to you?
  • When you sell them a product or do a job for them, are they generally having positive experiences?

Good customer experiences build loyalty, healthier businesses, and repeat customers and allow you to identify areas of improvement within your systems.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Sales - Capabilities can Lead to Happy Customers

Dynamics 365 for Sales has many tools that give you the power to build those positive experiences, and Stoneridge Software is here to help every step of the way.

We like to say building a good sales system is like building a house with a solid foundation, frame, and finish.

Leads and Opportunities – The Foundation

Positive Customer Experience with Dynamics 365 for Sales Leads and Opportunities

Within Dynamics 365 for Sales, many forms and systems can be catered to your needs. After we figure out what makes your sales team thrive, you can start scoring leads based on their interaction with your marketing department (which we touched on in Part 1 of this series) and then pass that information along to sales so they can prioritize the highest ranked leads.

Your Dynamics 365 system can take all the information and data gathered about a lead and put it into one place that people in both Marketing and Sales can access. This gives them a base on which to build personal relationships with clients.

Digital Selling Capabilities – The Frame

This solution has many features and AI-driven insights that can help your team prioritize meaningful interactions with customers.
The Sales Accelerator gives you a prioritized list of customers based on how they score and how your sales team should interact with them. It also allows you to look ahead, prioritize your activities throughout the day and tailor your communications to ensure they contribute to creating a positive interaction.

Positive Customer Experience with Dynamics 365 for Sales Digital Selling Capabilities

Meanwhile, Sales Insights is a tool that provides you with meaningful insights to help you make a sale. Some of the tools include:

  • Talking Points – Analyze and identify recent events that have come up in communication between your team and customers that you can use in future sales interactions (Example: maybe they have a trip coming up or their kids have a big sporting event)
  • Who Knows Whom – Looks at collaboration and communication patterns in Microsoft Exchange to calculate and alert your salesperson if someone you already know is connected to your lead and can help facilitate a sales interaction
  • Notes Analysis –Reviews text messages and emails between you, your team, and your clients (Example: if you send a message to someone saying you will set up a meeting with them next week, Notes Analysis will take that and remind you to set up that meeting)
  • Predictive Lead and Opportunity Scoring – We covered lead scoring in Part 1 of this series, but the same tools can be applied to opportunities as well. This keeps your busy sales staff from having to do a deep analysis on what they should work on next. AI tells them if a lead is trending forward and alerts sales staff to opportunities that are likely to be successful
  • Conversation Intelligence – Real-time analytics that helps you monitor calls and emails going through the system, identifies what people are most responding to, and what keywords are being used in important conversations
  • Relationship Analytics – Gives you a big picture of every point of interaction your customers make with your business
  • Auto Capture (Premium) – Automates the recording of activities related to a salesperson’s emails and contacts and displays them on the timeline. This eliminates manual work as you will no longer need to create an activity and then manually mark it as complete
  • Premium Forecasting (Premium) – Helps improve forecasting accuracy by providing projections based on historical data
  • Assistant (Premium) – Keeps an eye on daily actions and communications to provide tailored and actionable insights

Positive Customer Experience with Dynamics 365 for Sales - Sales Insights

All these great features automate and display insights and important information, which allow your sales team to focus on doing the core aspects of their job. They also integrate with your collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook for your computer and phone.

Managing Orders, Measuring Success, and Connecting - The Finish

Positive Customer Experience with Dynamics 365 for Sales Integration

Your business has a lot of moving parts and sometimes the people who enable your most critical workstreams can often spend more time keeping your data clean than they do connect with and servicing your customers. Your customers have expectations that no matter who in your organization they work with, there is a clear and full picture of the full health of their customer relationship in front of you. The only way today to exceed those expectations is to go above and beyond. Communicate proactively, anticipate their needs before they have them, and deliver on time in today’s challenging supply chain. Get the minutia out of the way and let your data serve your team instead of expecting your team to serve your data. Luckily, Dynamics 365 for Sales can help alleviate this stress by:

  • Measuring Success – Reporting and analytics in Dynamics 365 and Power BI allow you to connect data from all your systems and give you a snapshot of what you need to know to build positive customer experiences
  • Connecting your Systems – Connecters and programs and apps that can bridge the gap between your system and an outside one to ensure you and your customers remain on the same page
  • Integrating your Data – The Data Integrator ensures everyone has the data they need to do their jobs and that the data can be shared seamlessly. From marketing to delivery, everyone should have the information they need ready to go.

Stoneridge Software Can Help

The new nature of business is that it’s no longer good enough to just have a product and sell it. You need to make connections and ensure your customers have a great experience that will keep them coming back.

We know this is a lot to take in, but Stoneridge Software is here to help! We have a team of passionate Dynamics experts who can help you utilize these systems to take your business higher and ensure your customers have memorable and good experiences.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Co-Author: Britt Pangerl

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