Multiline Trade Agreement Purchasing Discount in Dynamics AX 2012

By Dax Wallat | September 30, 2019

In Dynamics AX 2012, Multiline trade agreements are used in purchasing multiple items to provide a discount for an individual, group or all items which apply to:

      • an individual client or vendor
      • a group of clients or vendors
      • or all clients or vendors

    Multiline Trade Agreement Purchasing Discount Scenario:

    For this example, company X wants its vendor discount to be automatically set in Dynamics AX 2012 before they complete their purchasing order. This company will be purchasing multiple items from a specific vendor and will receive a discount for the purchase of multiple items. For example, purchasing 0-100 units from this vendor will give them a 5% discount, if they purchase 100-500 items, they will receive a 10% discount and if they purchase over 500 items, they will receive a 20% discount. Keep in mind they have to purchase two separate items; hence the name multiline discount.

    1. Activate Price Discount:

  1. Path: Procurement and Sourcing -> Setup -> Price and Discounts -> Activate Price/Discount ->
  2. 2. Fast Tab to Multiline discount (Select what applies for discount)Multiline Discount Tab 

    3. Create Trade Agreement Journal:

  3. Path: Sales and Marketing -> Setup -> Price/Discounts agreement journals4. Select New5. Select Name and Select Multiline Purchase DiscountPurchase Discount

    6 - Select Lines

    7 - In Relation field, select Multiline disc. (purch.

    8 - In Account code, select table

    9 - In Account selection, select your Vendor

    10 - In Item code, select all

    11 - Find the discount

    12 - In the To and from box’s input, enter the first interval (I entered the From as 0 units and the To as 100 units)

    13 - In the bottom of the page, enter the discount percentage in Discount percentage 1

    14 - Repeat steps 12 and 13 for the next intervals


    15 - At the top of the page, validate all lines of the multiline discount

    16 - Now post the multiline discount

    To check your multiline discount posted:

  4. 17 - Path: Accounts payable -> Common -> Vendors -> All Vendors18 - Select the vendor from step 919 - Switch to the procurement fast tab20 - Select Trade agreements (Your Multiline discount should show up on this page)

    Create Purchase Order on Multiline discount:

    21 - Path: Procurement and sourcing -> Common -> Purchase orders -> All Purchase Orders

    22 - New Purchase Order

    23 - Select Vendor Account used in step 9 and step 18

    24 - Under purchase order lines, Add line

    25 - Enter item and fill in required fields

    26 - Add a different item and fill in required fields (Can do this step as many times as you want)

    27 - Go to Purchase fast tab

    28 - Under Calculate, select Multiline discount (this creates the discount)

    Purchase Order

    29 - Under the purchase fast tab, select Confirmation

    If you are looking for more answers on multiline trade agreements or Dynamics AX in general, contact us at Stoneridge Software!

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