New Dynamics 365 CE Case Resolution Configuration

By Michelle Lewis | April 21, 2020

The April 2020 Release of Dynamics 365 CE allows for the configuration of the Case Resolution dialog box. This new feature enhances the user experience and case resolution reporting by allowing easily configurable options for tracking the resolution of Customer Service cases. With increased tracking ability, companies can better adjust business strategy to resolve customer service issues. Let’s walk through the configurations required to customize the Case Resolution dialog box.

You can choose to keep the standard case resolution dialog box or choose to customize a dialog box. The first step to using the customized case resolution dialog box is to update all security roles that will utilize this feature.

The 2 permissions that will need to be edited for Customer Service Representatives and CSR Managers are the Environment Variable Definition and Environment Variable Value permissions. These are located on the Custom Entities tab within the security role configuration window. The images below show how they are set in the out of the box Customer Service Representative and CSR Manager security roles. If you are using custom security roles, you will need to ensure your custom security roles have these permissions.

Security Role: Customer Service Representative

Security Role: CSR Manager

Within the Customer Service Hub under Service Management/Service Configuration Settings, locate the Resolve case dialog. Select the drop-down menu and click the Customizable dialog. Click Save.

Service Configuration Settings

In the solution, navigate to the Case entity. Within Fields, open the Status Code field. Here you can customize which Resolution options correspond with the status values in the Customer Service hub. Select Add to add a new Resolution Type. Type a Resolution Type in the Label field. Notate the Value of the Resolution Type and click OK. Click the Save and Close button.

Add List Value

In our example, we are adding a Refund Issued Resolution Type.

Add List Value 2

Once a new Resolution Type is created, a corresponding value needs to be created in the Case Resolution entity. The Value of the Resolution Type in the Case Resolution entity must be equal to the value of the Resolution Type in the Case entity or else users will experience an error when selecting the new Resolution Type.

To prevent this error, navigate to the Case Resolution entity, select Fields, and open the Resolution Type field. Click the plus sign to add a new Resolution Type. Verify that the value of the new Resolution Type equals the value of the corresponding Resolution Type in Case entity. Update the label to match the label of the Resolution Type in the Case entity and click Save and Close.

Resolution Type of Case Resolution

Depending on the Resolution Types your organization uses, it may be necessary to add or delete fields on the Case Resolution form to ensure meaningful reporting. To do this, navigate to the Forms section on the Case Resolution entity. Open the Information form, click the New Field button at the bottom of the form field list, update the Display Name field with the new field name. In our example, we are creating a new currency field titled Refund Amount. Click Save and Close. Publish the changes.

New for Case Resolution

New Case Resolution

Now that the Resolution Type includes a Refund Issued option, reporting on the Case entity can include the number of cases that were resolved with a refund to the customer. Reporting can also include the dollar amount of refunds issued.

My Resolved Case

This new feature in Dynamics 365 CE provides a meaningful and powerful way for organizations to track and report on the resolution of customer service cases without the use of complex code. Happy reporting!

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