Reap the Benefits of SmartView and Microsoft Dynamics GP Together

By Stoneridge Team | May 9, 2018

SmartView from eOne Solutions is an alternative to Microsoft Dynamics GP’s SmartList database querying tool.

Better Querying with SmartView

SmartView improves upon SmartList’s functionality and performance, and adds numerous features, as well. If you’ve ever experienced frustration while querying and filtering your data with SmartList, please consider the following benefits of switching to SmartView!

Unlimited Filtering

SmartList filtering is limited to four search criteria, and only permits users to either match all of the criteria (AND) or match 1 or more of the criteria (OR). SmartView allows an unlimited number of criteria when filtering queries, and includes additional logical operators, such as does not contain. Furthermore, criteria grouping allows users to include criteria sub-clauses, enabling superior filtering.

SmartView DynamicsGP 1


SmartView adds significant flexibility to saved favourites, expanding SmartList’s options. Favourites can be assigned to selected companies, user classes, and specific users. Users may enter a description of the favourite’s function, which will display when hovering the mouse cursor over the favourite’s name in the left pane.


SmartView allows users to sort on multiple columns in a report in order, e.g. sorting on vendor ID, then document type, and then document date. The state of the report’s sorting is saved in SmartView favourites, unlike in SmartList.


Modifying a SmartList report’s column configuration is not very user-friendly. Users must enter a separate window, search for their desired columns, and then re-arrange the column order using buttons in the window. SmartView features drag-and-drop column configuration from a searchable list to the right of the query results pane. Users can rearrange column order within the results pane quickly, and remove columns simply dragging them off the report.

SmartView DynamicsGP 2

Export Options

SmartView adds the ability to export directly to CSV and PDF formats, and saves exported Excel formatted data directly to file. Additionally, users can copy records and specific field values from SmartView reports and paste them into other documents and Dynamics GP fields.


SmartView improves the efficiency of the SQL syntax in database queries, often returning data in a fraction of the time taken by SmartList queries. Save time every time you search for data!


Data can be grouped by dragging report columns to the grouping area of the pane. Saving the report as a favourite also maintains the configured grouping.


No longer will you need to export your data to Excel for this simple functionality! SmartView provides summed subtotals by default, but can also provide column count, average, minimum, and maximum values. Subtotals for both record groups, and all records in the report are included.

SmartView DynamicsGP 3

Subset Search

SmartView allows you to search a report’s returned records to narrow down the results without altering the filter criteria.

SmartView DynamicsGP 4

Multiple Instances

Multiple SmartView windows can be open and in use, allowing users to simultaneously view data from several SmartLists. This may be handy when reconciling subledger and general ledger transactions!

External Application

The SmartView External application allows users to access data without using a GP license. External users can view and filter reports as if they were inside GP, with the exception that they cannot drill into the records via the Go To functionality.

SmartView’s improvements and added features will improve your functionality, efficiency, and user experience when querying your company’s data.


If you would like assistance with implementing and training with SmartView, please contact us!

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