Three Tips To Improve Your Reporting in Dynamics GP

By Stoneridge Team | December 7, 2016

Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics GP is an unavoidable task, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore.

Now, I’m certainly not asserting that the three tips I’m about to share will instantly make reporting as enjoyable as a steaming cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day, but I hope it’ll simplify at least one of your daily duties.

1. Have you ever needed to report on values that are not currently stored in one table?

Yes? No problem, you can create a SmartList Designer report using a SQL View. When creating a new SmartList Designer report, in the Database View section of the SmartList Designer window, you will see the View option and then the System and Company Views are available to select from:

SmartList Designer

*If you need help with the SQL View in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, we encourage you to work with your IT team member, contact your Partner, or Microsoft Dynamics GP support.

2. Help! Why did my reports stop printing?

For a Dynamics GP user, it’s important to troubleshoot why a report is no longer printing or why you’re receiving an error during the process, so you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Here are a few common roadblocks and how to work around them when reports are no longer printing:

  • When you’re applying a Service Pack or a Year End Update and the report is no longer printing, you may need to recreate the Reports.dic file by following these steps.
  • Sometimes a report is no longer printing due to a printer issue, click here to understand how to resolve this issue.
  • After an update, if a window isn’t working correctly, you may need to recreate the Forms.dic file by following the steps here.

3. Have you ever modified the wrong report in Report Writer?

Report writer holds many reports. It’s very easy to modify one report in Report Writer, then quickly realize it was the incorrect one. Instead of trying to guess which report it is that you modified, simply click the Modify button once the report is printed on the screen in Dynamics GP. Then, Microsoft Dynamics GP will take you directly to that specific report’s layout in Report Writer.

If a process is occurring in Microsoft Dynamics GP that doesn’t allow you to go straight from the report to Report Writer after you’ve clicked the Modify button, then simply take note of the name of the report listed in the Report Screen’s title bar. That’s the name of the report in Report Writer, but sometimes it is different than the actual report name in the layout of the report.

Here are a few other common barriers you may be experiencing:

  • Do you have multiple Sales invoice reports with different logos, fields, etc. for different customers?
  • Do some of your customers want their invoice emailed and others want it printed?
  • Do you have to check the customer card each time you run invoices to see which customers want to have their invoices emailed or printed?
  • Do you have to email or print the Sales invoices one by one through the Sales Transaction Entry window or save the invoice transactions to the appropriate batch?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I’ve got the ultimate time-saving solution for you: Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) from Rockton Software. In DRM, learn how to create a Report, Batch Report with specific criteria, Launch Point to email or print the reports from the Sales Batch Entry Window, and much more!

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