Building Custom lists with SmartLists in Dynamics GP

By Kyle Rehome | August 12, 2022

Sometimes you’re working with a SmartList and it just doesn’t have the data you want or the data is spread out in too many places.

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we gave you a rundown of the basics of SmartLists in Dynamics GP and also detailed how to set reminders. In this post, we will run you through everything you need to know to create custom SmartLists to suit your business needs.

This can make it challenging to build SmartLists in Dynamics GP. Luckily, there is a default tool called SmartList Designer that lets you join different data tables together if you know where your data is, how it links together, and what your tables are called.

When creating a SmartList, you must:

  • Find a table and select the fields you want to add
  • Select the fields from tables using the checkboxes
  • Create a relationship between tables if there are multiple tables involved
  • Apply any filters and restrictions
  • Define the formatting for any currency or numerical fields

Now it’s time to create your list by following these steps:

1. Give your list a name, select the product, and then select the folder you want it to show up in (in the series field)


2. Select your tables and data sources displayed on the left-hand side of the screen using the checkboxes


3. Use the drop-down menus in the “Relationship” panel to create a relationship between the tables


4. Apply any filters you need – For example, if you only want to show active records, you can do that here


5. Click Ok.


It’s that easy!


Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding SmartLists and how they can help you advance your business.

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