How Field Service Companies are Enabling a Mobile Workforce with Cloud Technology

By Adam Hallbeck | October 1, 2020

field service mobile technology

When your employees are at customer site responding to a service request, installing machinery, or completing scheduled maintenance, they need the tools, knowledge, and technology not only to complete the job, but also capture notes and photos, collect customer signatures, transmit information to the back-office system, and schedule the next service date.

Field service companies who are still relying on manual processes and stacks of paper are quickly losing out to the competition in service delivery times, first-time fix rates, and customer satisfaction. The businesses that have turned to cloud technology are leading the industry and becoming the go-to in their field. With the right technology solution, they’re more efficient and accurate, communicate more effectively with customers, and are proactive in predicting and responding to service requests.

Benefits of Enabling a Mobile Workforce with Cloud Technology

1. More Informed Technicians

With instant access to real-time information, your field service technicians are empowered to become more productive and complete jobs faster and with a higher level of accuracy. By connecting mobile devices with your back-office system, information on the latest service requests, customer information, and project notes keeps employees informed. With this information, your technicians will arrive to a job site with full knowledge of where to go, who to talk to, and job details. Not only does this benefit your technicians, but gives customers an additional level of confidence in your ability to meet their needs. With Dynamics 365 Field Service, your field service techs have instant access to:

  • Pinpointed locations of items to service within a building or site location
  • Notes and historical service records and details
  • Photos from prior service visits
  • Contact information, including name, phone, department, office location, and more

2. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Accurate and timely communication can immediately increase your customer satisfaction levels. With an automated system, your customers will be notified the moment your technician arrives at the job site, if there is a delay in arriving at the scheduled time, notes or details from the work order, or when the technician departs. This additional level of communication elevates the experience your customers have with your technicians and company without any additional work on your end.

3. Optimized Schedules

With a mobile solution for your technicians that connects directly to your back office, both your techs and your dispatchers or schedulers have the ability to optimize service schedules or routes to be more efficient and productive. This means no more backtracking or running short on drive time between jobs. Additionally, when more time is needed on a job site, that information can easily be entered in the system, which automatically notifies the scheduler and updates subsequent jobs to later time slots and communicates the delay with the customer.

4. Faster Payments

With a mobile-empowered workforce, all manual data re-entry is eliminated. That means data collected while in the field is automatically synced to your back-office system before the technician even leaves the worksite. Your finance team can immediately process invoices for payment and you can collect faster than ever before.

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