New Features and Enhancements to Signature and MobileTech from KEY2ACT

By Carolyn Moltzan | December 15, 2016

KEY2ACT has been hard at work on the new release of Signature and MobileTech. Both Signature 2016 R2 and MobileTech 5.5 are set for release on December 20, 2016. These new releases will be fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2.

Signature Enhancements

Email capabilities for purchase orders

  • This great new feature in KEY2ACT Allows users to email a purchase order to a vendor from the Signature Purchase Order window
  • You can set this up individually for each vendor or you can assign email settings to multiple vendors

New features from KEY2ACTNew features from KEY2ACT

Word templates for service invoices

  • Available for service invoice 1, service invoice 1 history, service invoice 1 grouped

New features from KEY2ACT

Service call status window and report to service management

  • This allows you to view all transactions associated with a service call
    • Open/unposted
    • Posted
    • Committed (POs)
    • Invoiced
  • Navigation: inquiry > Service Call status
  • Designed to emulate the service invoice window
  • Read-only
  • This window allows you to view anticipated costs and markup on items that aren’t final yet.

New features from KEY2ACT

Job closing prep enhancements

  • These benefit users when closing a job and adding a report
  • Added to report selection in Close Job window
  • Added to report selection in Job Maintenance window
    • Incorporated report into inactive jobs

New features from KEY2ACT

This report is now available directly in the window without having to go to the SSRS report manager

Job Third Party Billing

  • Added ‘bill to customer’ and ‘bill to address’ at the job level
  • When populated, the new values default to job invoice entry
  • You can see where the jobs were billed, whether that be to the customer or to someone else.

New features from KEY2ACT

Other windows and reports that are updated with these fields are:

  • Job invoice entry window
  • Transfer service costs to job window
  • Job maintenance history window
  • Dexterity job invoices including: unposted, batch, posted, and history invoices
  • JC Job report
  • JC Job history report

Technician mass reassignment status option

  • For service call/appointments, the appointment can now be updated with a new status for appointments moved to the newly designated technician
  • You can change the technician on assignments. The appointment status is defaulted but you can change that as well.

New features from KEY2ACT

Additional work document attachment

  • From MobileTech:
    • Technicians can now add attachments to an additional work item
    • Attachments are transferred to signature on sync
    • New attachments can be added at any time

New features from KEY2ACT

The view lists all items that were attached by the tech

  • Email address has been added to contact and location contact
    • This is another new feature in KEY2ACT that allows you to enter the email address on contact setup. When you associate the contact with the location, the email will default into the location as well. You no longer have to rekey in this information and it will be available in MobileTech.
  • New create batch windows
    • New window to be used by limited GP users
      • GL Batch
      • Sales orders
      • Accounts payable
      • Accounts receivable
      • EMS Rental invoices
    • You can create and edit batches without being a full GP user
  • New quick customer window and smartlist
    • New window for quickly creating a new service customer.
    • Great for emergency situations where you have a new customer and you need to get them in the system ASAP to dispatch a tech
      • Built for limited users
      • Create and edit only
      • Does not replace customer maintenance in GP
    • Full users can also use the window
    • As a customer is created in this window, the WSReserved field in the SmartList will be filled in with a 1. That is how you identify customers created in this way. That way you know which accounts need to be reviewed for additional information to be added.

New features from KEY2ACT

  • SSRS report usability enhancements
    • Default date parameter is set to today
    • Default period parameter to current period
    • Other parameters now default based on user location in solution
    • In the past, you had to set the date yourself. Now it’s automatically in there.
    • Makes it faster and more efficient to generate reports
  • Technology updates
    • Dispatch mapping upgraded to use the supported API version of Bing Maps
      • Previous Bing API was retired on November 30th
      • Update available for prior supported versions of Signature
    • Updated to latest SSRS Visual Studio Report Viewer

MobileTech 5.5 Enhancements

  • Supported Signature Versions for MobileTech 5.5:
    • Signature 2016 R3 SP3
    • Signature 2015 R2 SP1
    • Signature 2016 R2
  • New admin set up options
    • Time log status update
      • Time in process updates appointment status
    • UseSignature setting changed to UseTechnicianSignature and UseCustomerSignature both having validation levels
    • Call resolution note required Y/N
  • Moved all Time Log settings to a new Time Log Settings Section
  • Admin Features
    • Show technicianlaborhours set up option

New features from KEY2ACT

  • User Security changes
    • Invalid login attempts setting that will disable or lockout tech
  • Password strength requirements
    • This is set in the sync server web.config file and the mobiletech admin config file

Mobiletech 5.5 Client Features

  • Caller name, phone, and email now available
  • Tech name added to resolution note timestamp
  • Additional work attachments now available (requires Signature 2016 R2)
  • New job appointment summary report (SSRS)
    • Stored at the job cost, cost code set up level
  • Appointment completion form available via Woodford
  • Visibility to standard and drop-ship purchase orders.
  • Update location or equipment latitude/longitude from the current GPS location of the device and navigate to it.
  • SEE integration to cloud based XOEye Vision platform
  • Day/Week Calendar View

New features from KEY2ACT

  • Flexible forms have been added as a new feature
    • You have the ability to see multiple bits of information in the window from different entities associated with the appointment
    • These forms reduce the amount of clicks it takes the tech to get all the information.

New features from KEY2ACT

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