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Role Mover


Have you ever┬áneeded to move security roles from one layer to another layer while users were assigned to those roles? If you have, you know that’s a tricky process. ┬áIf security roles are moved manually by deleting the role in the USR layer and then recreating it in the VAR layer, all of the users assigned to the role are no longer assigned to it. This is a problem if you are already live and have users active in a production environment. To avoid this problem, download the Role Mover tool to create the roles in the new layer and keep the user assignments to the role.


  • Xpo file containing a shared project called SSI_UpdateSecurityRoles that includes:
    • Table called SSI_SecurityRolesToUpdate
    • Job called SSI_UpdateSecurityRoleOldId
    • Job called SSI_UserSecurityRoleUpdate
  • Info sheet

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