Top 7 Reasons Midsized Field Service Companies are Choosing Fieldpoint

By Marcus Haug | May 20, 2021

Field service companies, including those in fire and life safety, HVAC, security systems, and other specialty contractors, are faced with the requirement of becoming more efficient and accurate in order to succeed in a highly competitive field. In order to remain competitive, while ensuring profit margins, small to midsized field service companies are turning to technology to move at a faster pace and better understand how to capitalize on current and future opportunities.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top seven reasons why today’s leading  field service companies are choosing Fieldpoint to manage their business.

1. Integration to Dynamics for an End-to-End Solution

Fieldpoint helps businesses that manage projects, large installations, light construction, and more automate processes, centralize information, and complete service work more efficiently. The true power of the solution comes through when coupled with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Both solutions are cloud-based, enabling users to access the system anywhere at any time. The deep integration provides full automation between lists of customers, vendors, inventory, and other data that passes seamlessly between operations, giving all users access to real-time information for all projects, contracts, and more.

Learn more about the functionality included in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

2. Project Management

project management

Large-scale jobs or projects can easily be managed for an in-depth look into specific details for each project. Customizable dashboards are available that provide real-time information for

  • Estimate tracking
    • Initial estimate tracking along with any changes that happen during the project
  • Budgets to actual
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
    • Work that has been completed by not yet billed.
  • Bill of Materials
    • When items are picked from inventory, that information comes directly from Business Central and updates in real-time.
  • Inventory Levels
  • Requisition Requests
    • Automatically create requisitions that turn into purchase orders within Business Central
  • Change order management
  • Track documents or attachment to each project
  • Cost analysis per project

cost analysis per project


3. Accurately Bid Quotes

Bid quotes, or spend plans, are easily generated in Fieldpoint and allow you to replace spreadsheets and complex manual calculations with a sophisticated bidding tool. With this tool, you can break out your spending plan to understand the project costs for the complete project, calculate gross profit percentage, and change estimates and numbers to understand the impact.


4. Strategic Maintenance Management

Maintenance contracts and ongoing work is automated within Fieldpoint. There are several automation and renewal features that allow you to not only continue to schedule upcoming work with no manual effort but increase your bottom line through upselling or cross-sell opportunities.

With the ability to govern the relationship with your customer, you have the ability to set up additional Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to guarantee specific response times at a higher hourly rate. This is a key tactic that some leading field service companies are employing to guarantee higher service rates for specific customers. Additionally, you have the ability to track service entitlements, inclusions, exclusions, additional warranties, other items to increase the bottom line.

The preventative maintenance manager allows you to create a full maintenance plan for all assets at a specific facility. This is a simple way to automatically create a plan for any services as they are coming due as work orders are automatically created and sent to the scheduler.

strategic maintence management

5. Complete Control Over Work Order Fields and Related Processes

Every service organization has specific work order fields and processes that are individualized to your specific business. Within Fieldpoint, you can easily design and update your interactive work order forms without any development experience necessary.

Using drag and drop fields, you can update and customize your work orders to include the fields and information that are important to you. You also have the ability to rename any fields to align with the terminology at your company.

work orders

Within this area, you can track the lifecycle of a service call, view when resources were on-site, what equipment was serviced, access time records, view parts information, and much more. With full visibility to the entire lifecycle of each call, you can truly understand revenue generated per work order, efficiency levels, and inventory impact.

track lifecyle work order


6. Advanced Resource Scheduling

There are multiple ways to generate a work order including email integrations to automatically create work orders, an integrated ticketing system, manual entry of project requests, or customer portal submissions. With Dynamics 365, you have a variety of options to help you seamlessly and automatically create those work orders.

After generating a work order, the next step is to schedule resources to complete each task.

With the resource calendar, your schedulers can filter by office, territory, job role, or skill set to find the appropriate resource for a specific work order.

resource calendar

Additionally, your scheduler can then drag and drop calls or work orders from the queue into the schedule to assign the task. Each call can be color-coded to indicate hard scheduled, travel time, OT, or even resource PTO requests.

scheduler drag and drop

Work can be scheduled by geography to ensure the fastest travel times between job sites. This GPS tool helps to easily determine which resource to assign.

work scheduled by geography


7. BI and Reporting

Fieldpoint includes a BI toolset that allows you to visualize your data by month, customer, project, resource utilization, billable breakdowns, and more. This provides invaluable insights to help you make better business decisions.

fieldpoint includes a bi toolset


Fieldpoint provides the advanced functionality and resources that today’s leading SMB field services companies need in order to remain competitive and grow their business. To learn how Fieldpoint along with Dynamics 365 Business Central can help move your business forward, reach out to the experts at Stoneridge Software.

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