Top New Features and Updates in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Wave 2 2022 Release

By Jesse Bucholz | October 4, 2022


Microsoft is helping your business adapt to the new normal with great new features and updates as part of the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Wave 2 2022 Release.

As your business adjusts to an increasingly hybrid world, the technology you use should reflect that. In the Wave 2 release, there are many great features that you can utilize by yourself, or with the help of Stoneridge Software experts!

In this post, we are going to detail some of the core features we've identified as standouts for this announcement.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Core Updates

There are a couple of core updates that will help you improve your business process, including Modern Advanced Find being the default search and form updates as well

Dynamics 365 Sales Updates

Understanding where your customers are and how they buy from your company is a core aspect of Dynamics 365 for Sales. Being able to optimize this data and intelligence will ensure your customers are not only happy but will come back for more of your products.

Here are some of the key Sales updates in the Wave 2 release:

Sales Accelerator enhancements

Sales Accelerator helps you develop predictive analytics and cut back on manual tasks by letting you utilize process automation.

Some of the main improvements for Sales Accelerator include:

  • Engage with customers using SMS
  • Use sequences and Up next with any form, and empower sellers to create sequences
  • Customizable worklist cards for the right contextual information to the seller
  • Enhanced sequence creation experience with a new designer
  • Improve customer engagement by identifying duplicate leads and contacts
  • Improve sales processes using A/B testing in sequences
  • Improve assignment accuracy using segment priority
  • Guide sellers to work simultaneously
  • Improve lead engagement rates with validated emails
  • Improve process efficiency using sequence insights

Introduction to Viva Sales

Viva Sales is an app that empowers your salespeople with AI-powered sales insights and data automation to help them be more productive.

It does this through an integrated set of capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams that are designed to improve seller productivity, streamline sales team collaboration, and enable a deep understanding of your customers and how they flow from your CRM to your staff member's flow of work.

Viva Sales will help your team spend more time engaging with customers and closing deals, rather than spending many work hours on manual data entry, rework, and task tracking.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Increasingly, creating a repeat customer starts with a solid and sophisticated marketing strategy. It allows you to get off on the right food when interacting with customers by predicting their needs and delivering a good experience online and in person.

Some of the main new features in Dynamics 365 Marketing include:

Moments-based marketing

Enabling moments-based marketing lets you grab your customer's attention by setting up touch points, capturing forms on your web pages, and ensuring the important calls to action are being sent to your customers.

It will help your marketing team deliver on these points by offering:

  • A boost in creativity with AI-powered email content ideas
  • The ability to make incremental updates and optimize journeys while analyzing all past versions
  • Scalability for your business with confidence with 300M maximum monthly interactions
  • Send reminders within journeys to drive customer actions

Marketing personalization updates

Updates to the personalization aspect of Dynamics 365 Marketing will help you find the right audience for your personalized content supported by AI. This includes:

  • Target the right audience using the new segment builder
  • Easily manage content across multiple brands
  • Capture consent and preferences to match your business needs

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Empowering your customer service team to do a great job is a core value that should be top of mind for every company. If your customers are happy with the service they've received, they will come back, buy more, and spread their good experiences to others. Dynamics 365 Customer Service gives you many unique tools to help accomplish that, and this update is no different.

One update we are particularly excited about is improvements to agent experiences. If your customer service agents are happy and find it easy to do their job, they will transfer that energy into helping customers. These updates include:

  • Enhancing settings in AI suggestions for knowledge articles
  • Monitoring support operations near real-time for Omnichannel
  • Using Teams chat for contextual collaboration
  • Improving administration productivity with guided quick step and search

Dynamics 365 Field Service:

In Dynamics 365 Field Service, one new function we are excited about is the ability to manage work order costs using not-to-exceed. This capability helps you stay within preapproved prices from customers, to ensure frontline workers, vendors, and subcontractors stay within the preapproved cost for your work orders.

These not-to-exceed values can be set up based on the customers, the incident type, and the location of work. You can also set it up so service managers and frontline workers get a notification when the not-to-exceed value. Users will also be able to track when the value was exceeded.


As always, you can reach out to Stoneridge Software if you have any questions about these exciting new features. Our Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement experts are happy to help you!

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