What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement V9

By Liz McGlennen | August 27, 2018

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement - V9

As we near the dates requiring all online users to update to V9 or beyond, it’s important to review and understand some of the key features that were added for with the release. No matter what role you have with CRM; end-user, customizer, admin, or a developer; there is something new in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to take advantage of.

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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

The new Unified Interface has given users a completely redesigned interface allowing similar use across all devices. For people that weren’t a fan of the extra white or the potential extra scrolling, users need to find more fields, the new interface has given you a great streamlined form for easy data entry.

United Interface

Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

With the release of Dynamics 365 v9, Microsoft has also updated their App for Outlook that was released in v8.2. This new app has taken a page out of the previous outlook connector allowing users to manage and update data all from their Outlook. This updated app also comes with its own Sitemap allowing us to add specific entities for access through the app.

D365 for Outlook

Versium Predict

Newer to the Microsoft space, Versium Predict is a new way to increase your marketing and sales effectiveness. This new tool allows you to build predictive models for leads, adds scoring leads based past behavior, generate new leads with list building, and enhance your lead data with publicly sourced data. This new tool will help enhance your existing marketing process with more data at your fingertips.

Auto Number

Auto numbering has only been available on select entities such as cases, quotes, orders, etc. Now you can add auto-numbering to any entity AND it can also be customized! If you need to include the date in your auto number or add a company code, you can. Customizing this functionality does require accessing the API, but look for the feature to become more robust in upcoming releases.

Virtual Entities

Often data can live in multiple locations and is not always available within the D365. Now with Virtual Entities, you are now able to pull this data into a custom entity, so data is visible within you D365 system. As long as the data source has a modern web API, supports OData v4, and uses GUID, you can probably view within a Virtual Entity.

Multi-Select Option Sets

How often would an option set be useful where you could select multiple items? In v9, MultiSelect Option Sets are now available as a field type. This means you can have one field with a list of options and you can select more than one option from the list! Imagine if your company offers multiple services and customers can sign up for more than one service - the MultiSelect Option Set will solve this problem.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

D365 for Marketing has received a complete update with new features and functionality only available through add-ons or third-party features. With the ability to create client segments, web forms, and customer journey’s Microsoft has made great leaps to gain marketing automation within the system. This new application has brought robust event management functionality to the table.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can take advantage of these new features or deploy Dynamics 365 CRM for your company, let us know!

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