Dynamics 365 Business Central Subscription Support Plan Options

By Natalie Lemke | May 28, 2021

Stoneridge Software offers Dynamics 365 Business Central Subscription Support plans in both standard and premium versions depending on the needs of your company and your team. Check out the details below for a comparison of what is included in each offering.

Our support team is always there to take care of your needs, but the Premier subscription plan guarantees you access to a specific Designated Services Consultant for your account.

d365 support designated consultant1

Both the Standard and Premier plans include Admin support for unlimited break/fix support for out-of-the-box issues in Dynamics 365 Business Central, supported ISVs supported by Stoneridge Software, customizations developed and deployed by Stoneridge Software, and any integrations developed and deployed by Stoneridge Software.

d365 support admin support2

When it comes to System Optimization both Standard and Premier plans cover new user setup and assignment of established security groups and roles and the Microsoft major and minor releases and continuous update planning. The Premier plan also includes Security Role Management, ISV Product Installation and Configuration and System Documentation - Modification and code tracking.

d365 support system optimization1

The Premier option for Subscription Support for D365 Business Central will assist your team members in answering commonly asked questions related to core functionality, basic how-to's or where to find specific features.

d365 support team empowerment1

All Business Central Subscription Support clients will receive early access to Stoneridge-hosted events. The Premier plan also includes support for Annual System Integrity - configuration, cloud performance and optimization, as well as client care management and annual strategic planning.

d365 support ongoing success1

Contact Stoneridge Software to get more details and learn how to get signed up for Dynamics 365 CE Subscription Support services.

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