Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks – Part 1

By Stoneridge Team | July 13, 2020

In this two-part series, we will take a look at 10 useful tips and tricks when using Microsoft Outlook.

Tip Number One

Did you know you can drag an email into your calendar or task to create an appointment or task?

Simply click on the email you want to convert to an appointment or task and drag it to the appropriate icon in outlook.

outlook tips and tricks 1

It will open an appointment or a task and you can enter your details.

Tip Number Two

Do you have similar tag lines or messages that you add to emails (but do not want in your signature)?

You can create a shortcut by doing the following:

  • Create a new email.
  • Type in the Phrase or message you want and hit CTRL C to copy.
  • “Have you heard about the Teams Promotion from Microsoft?  Contact your Account Mananger to see how you can sign up to use Teams free for 6 months!”
  • Then go to File and Options and click on > Spelling and Autocorrectand then Auto Correct Options.
  • Type in your shortcut Key (mine is *8) and paste your phrase that you just copied and click Add.

outlook tips and tricks 2

Now lets start a new email. Type in your shortcut and press tab and your message will appear!

Tip Number Three


This one has comes in very handy. Have you ever typed in an email address and you know that it should show up in your recent/short list but it doesn’t?

If it does not show the email you are looking for, press CTRL-K and chances are good it will find it!

Tip Number Four

Trying to schedule a meeting with multiple parties but struggling to find a common date and time that works for everyone? You can share your calendar – without details – so other parties know when you are available.

First you need to set your Calendar Work Hours.

  • Click on File/Options/Calendar.
  • Enter your start and end times, working days, holidays etc.

outlook tips and tricks 4

  • Now start a new email.
  • Click Insert and choose Calendar.

outlook tips and tricks 4a

  • Choose your data range that you want to send and choose availability only.
  • Check the Show time within my working hours only and say ok.

It will now show your availability for the time period you specified.

outlook tips and tricks 4b

Tip Number Five

Voting Buttons

Want to find out fast and easy who will be attending the company bbq?

Start a new email and click on options.

  • Click on voting buttons.

outlook tips and tricks 5

  • You can choose between several options (yes, no… yes, no, maybe…)
  • Then type in your question.
  • Will you be attending the summer bbq?

The recipient will receive an email that asks them to vote by clicking vote in the respond group.

outlook tips and tricks 5a

The person who sent the email can then go to their sent email and click on tracking to see responses.

outlook tips and tricks 5b

Join us next month for part two of Outlook tips and tricks.


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