Real World Success Stories – How Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Changed Operations at Two Businesses

By Jeff Spehn | August 12, 2021

The Power Platform offers digitally savvy client interaction capabilities and employee productivity tools. Whether building model-driven apps in the traditional CRM sense or building canvas apps for mobile devices, the Power Platform has become the platform for extending Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Many Stoneridge clients have successfully implemented the Power Platform and undergone an overall digital transformation to streamline or automate their manual processes.

Success Story: XRM Scheduling and Dispatching Solution for a Sales and Delivery Company

A sales and delivery company faced many challenges with its current system. Remote team members could not communicate delivery statuses because they did not have mobile system access. Dispatchers had limited work order options and no real-time visibility to track progress. Additionally, billing and scheduling systems were not integrated. This system provided a lack of technology options and had poor communication capabilities.

Without real-time visibility and updated communication capabilities, the team was not able to be as productive as they wanted. Software limitations caused a negative user experience, limited visibility to information, and slower billing times.

This company was looking to make a digital transformation by empowering its employees with the tools needed to share information between the field and the back office.

Their wish list included the following:

  • Reliable scheduling and dispatching solution.
  • Flexibility when creating and modifying work orders.
  • A mobile application for remote team members to update work order statuses, add or remove inventory, and view daily schedules.

Because their needs scaled on the lighter side of what Dynamics 365 Field Service provides, they chose to proceed with a custom-built field service app that would be more affordable and provide the exact functionality they needed. By using the Power Platform, the team at Stoneridge was able to develop a custom Power App for the client that integrates directly to Dynamics 365.

The Power App included two-way integration between D365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics AX, custom-built entities for scheduling and dispatching, reporting, and notification capabilities, and a mobile application for the delivery team. These changes addressed their project requirements and would enable them to reach their goals. The client finally had a software solution that worked for their company, not against it.=

Success Story: Taking advantage of the Microsoft Stack in Project-Based Manufacturing

This client was facing many issues due to the disparate nature of their software system, leading to inefficiencies such as duplicate entries. Having a third-party sales force also added another layer of complexity that their current system was not apt to handle.

This project-based manufacturing firm wanted to connect team members, distributors, and production with sales and delivery. When Stoneridge evaluated this client’s situation, they discovered it was a good time for a change. Some of their business systems were already being moved to Office 365 and their staff was tech-savvy. Stoneridge suggested a well-integrated cloud-based solution due to their third-party sales force.

The client’s wish list included:

  • A front-end solution to support third-party sales representatives.
  • A cloud-based solution.
  • XRM functionality to track the design process.
  • Portal, D365 Customer Engagement, D365 Finance, Azure, and design system integration.

By choosing the Microsoft Stack, integration is simplified because systems are derived from the same source (in this case Microsoft). This manufacturing firm relies on D365 CE, D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, Azure, and D365 Portals to manage their complete business, saving them time and money. One notable benefit they have experienced is a lower gap time between when a lead is created and when a sale is closed.

They continue to add on to their solution in subsequent phases to take advantage of advances in technology that can help them continue to streamline their processes, better serve their customers, and outpace their competition.

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