Uncommonly Used Features – Reconciling Sub-ledger to GL using the Reconcile Routines in Dynamics GP

By Deb Schaffer | June 14, 2022

As we continue the uncommonly used features series, with this post I want to show you how to reconcile your sub-ledger to your General Ledger using Reconcile Routines in Dynamics GP.

This solution is a great fix if you run into the issue that your sub-ledger Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, or Inventory sub-ledger accounts are not matching your General Ledger (GL) accounts.

To start, navigate to Financial > Routines > Reconcile to GL and open the Reconcile to GL window.

Reconcile Routines in Dynamics GP General Ledger Window

In this window, you can define what modules and accounts you want to find differences for. The Reconciliation field is an auto-incrementing number GP defines to keep track of different reconciliations users have run in the past. The Reconciliation Date is simply the date you run the reconciliation.

Then, you follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Date Range you want to search – you can start with a full month, or even multiple months if you haven’t run this before. If you have a lot of transactions, you can narrow the date range as well
  2. Then enter the accounts that you want to compare. For this example, I am using my AP account, 000-2100-00
  3. Next, define the output location by clicking on the file folder. This process generates an excel spreadsheet that compares the data in the sub-ledger to the data in the GL.
  4. Once you have made your selections, click on Process at the top of the window

The spreadsheet shown below is split into two screenshots so it's easier to analyze. The first screenshot is the AP side of the transactions. The spreadsheet breaks the data into unmatched transactions, Potentially Matched Transactions, and Matched Transactions.

Reconcile Routines in Dynamics GP Potentially Matched Transactions

The second screenshot below shows the GL Entries as they match the AP transactions in the screenshot above.

Reconcile Routines in Dynamics GP Matched Transactions

An example of an Unmatched transaction would be a transaction entered directly into General Ledger and doesn’t have a corresponding AP entry. Potentially matched transactions typically are matched but could have a slight variance such as a date difference. Matched transactions have a clear path from AP to the GL.

When running this process, keep in mind that this is only pulling the data for you. No entries will be made into GP to enter changes or corrections. You will have to enter those manually.


Please reach out to our experts if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you!

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